Hidden World

Hidden World

Hidden World is a resource management game with adventure elements
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Hidden World is a video game which combines elements from resource management and adventure genres. The player has to reconstruct areas and clear them of debris and sometimes fight off intruders. The game doesn't offer that much in terms of story, but it compensates that with great gameplay and level design.

There are two game modes: Relaxed and Active. One of these is to be chosen when creating a player profile, and cannot be changed later on in the game. The difference between them is significant. The relaxed mode offers a lot of time to complete a level, while the active mode is quite challenging and requires more strategical thinking. A brief tutorial is presented by the first few levels, explaining basic concepts of the game.

Gameplay is where this game truly shines. At the beginning of each level, the player will be given a handful of resources and a worker. There will be houses, mills, mines, treasures and more stuff in the area. Clicking on a structure will send the worker there and he will start repairing or demolishing it. Upon completion resources will be granted to you or some other things, such as extra workers. The point of each level is to reach the final bridge or portal in a fixed amount of time. Here is where the managerial skills come into play. A lot of debris blocking the ending will require specific resources or more workers. It is up to the player to create his own strategy and prioritize between structures within the given time limit of each level.

The graphical engine is fairy simple with 2D sprites which have several animations. The sound effects and music are relaxing and offer some comfort in the more grueling levels.

Overall, Hidden World is a good example of what every resource management game should be: good to look at, easy to play and relaxing.

Radu Constantin
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Review summary


  • Nice animations
  • Good graphics
  • Great music
  • Two difficulty levels


  • Poor story
  • Unable to switch between game modes after creating the player profile
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